About My Teaching

I enjoy teaching. It is why I became a teacher. I chose the profession after spending many years doing things other than teaching. Some students appreciate my zeal and others do not. Some appreciate that I usually assign a lot of work and give exams that can only be aced by those who truly prepare for them. Others do not. If you are interested in taking any of my classes, and you do not already know my style and methods, then you should read the reviews of my teaching in the Hunter College Library. You can also visit any one of those "rate my professor" sites, but if you do so, you should be aware that (1) the sample size is small, (2) people who write are usually either very positive or very negative, (3) the sites do not prevent a single person from writing multiple diguised entries, and (4) not everything you read there will be true. Nonetheless, for what it is worth, you can take a look at what former students (presumably) have said about me at It is probably better to just come and talk to me and find out from me what my teaching is like and what to expect. At the start of every semester, in every class, I post a syllabus that defines exactly what I expect of the students and what they can expect of me, down to the dates of assignments and exams and their relative worths. Almost always, I post my own lecture notes and/or slides for the classes.

This page contains a list of the classes that I have taught at Hunter College that are still being offered on the schedule. Some courses that I taught became extinct, such as Introduction to Programming using BASIC, and Programming for Medical Lab Technicians; I have not included them here.

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