CSci 365, Computer Theory II

The content of this course is described by the Hunter College Catalog. The required material includes Turing machines, Post machines, Post's theorem, Minsky's theorem, determinism and non-determinism, undecidability and the halting problem. For as long as I have been teaching this class, we have used Daniel Cohen's Introduction to Computer Theory; Prof. Cohen is a professor in our department. When I teach this class, I like to include other views on this material, and I prepare handouts for that material.

I did my graduate work at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, where I studied the theory of computation and formal languages, as well as mathematical logic, with Prof. Martin Davis. He and Elaine Weyuker, my PhD advisor, inspired my love of this subject, and when I teach it, I always hope that I can do just a little for my students of what they did for me.